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    Business loss prevention has become one of the most instrumental aspects of any business, with BCB we strive to ensure that our clients are covered. Perhaps the biggest loss is that of your problem Consumers and Employees. We have set up a system specially designed to protect business of all sizes, and give back information to ensure profit and well being and focus on there preferred clients.

    Have you noticed that 80 percent of your time is used on problem clients and if only you could deal with that 20 percent that gives your business greatness? Well we can help give you those results.

    Why was this Invented or developed?

    It’s simple a Business owner asked himself why I am using all my time on all my most time consuming clients. If only there were a way to sort out the great consumers and employees. If

    I had this then my business would do wonders.

    All users of the system receive a numbered ID to ensure confidentiality, and maintain the privacy of all members.


    Never before has such an instrumental tool been at the disposal of any business, our service can ensure that you have picked the right consumers to do business with. You can find this in our unique system and networking site. What about the employees that you have working for your business, you can be assured the employees that start with your company have the same values as you, and really be a “COMPANY PERSON”.


    When every sales counts, it is important that you know where to allocate your time too. Take a search in our system to find out if the consumer that you are dealing with is worth your time.


    Have you supplied consumers and wished you hadn’t. Then now is the time to know what ones you should deal with and what ones you should not. Our system can make sure your product is paid for and used effectively.

    If you have come to our site wondering how you have been put into our system, rest assured the information gathered was from a previous business that you trusted. Or if you have come to look at our preferred consumer program please contact us. This will give you opportunities that are for only the most preferred clients, not ones that just spend but ones that appreciate business as a whole and what product or service they have to offer. Sign Up today for a BCB Platinum Client Card

    All Profiles will exist permanently once they are entered, profiles will change as more information becomes updated on a profile. This can work greatly in a profiles favor or it can show a file of multiple posts from multiple information providers an accurate idea of the profile.